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Repair of freight wagons type “Fals”

Category: Freight Wagons


Fals type wagons on 4 axles, with bulk gravity unloading, is used to convey large quantities of bulk materials that are not moisture sensitive. They are typically used in freight block trains (train-load consignements) for conveing bulk ore,coal,coke and stone.

The Fals wagons are open hopper wagons which can be loaded with mechanical flap activation, and discharged under gravity through a saddle-bottomed hopper having a pair of discharge flaps on both sides .



Length over buffers

11.950 ± 10 mm

Length between bogie pivots

6.400 mm

Load capacity          

~ 75 m3

Average tara

cca. 23  t

Maximum load limit

cca. 57 t

Maximum axle load

20 t

Bogie type


Length between bogie axle 

1800 mm

Diameter of wheel tread  

  920 mm

Minimum curve radius:

- in main line

- in siding line


150 m

  75 m

Maximum speed

100 km/h

Automatic brake


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